Amr Elewa

DR. AMR ELEWA has worked extensively in Oil and Gas exploration with multi-disciplinary teams for more than 23 years worldwide. He is a geological and geophysical studies team leader responsible for providing geological proficiency and support to all aspects of a company's exploration and development activities. This includes organizing the exploration strategy for each fiscal year, quality control on the technical evaluation and integration of all technical data to provide assessments of prospectivity, reserves, risks and prospects ranking for different fields. He has a wide experience in operation geology, surface logging and petrophysical related work. In addition, Dr. Elewa has been involved in education and training for many years with M.Sc. and Ph.D. students. He has authored or co-authored many technical publications from a variety of international conferences. Dr. Elewa holds a M.Sc. in petrophysics and a Ph.D. in petroleum geology from Cairo University.