Traccess Competency Intelligence Solution

For Assuring Competent, Qualified Employees

PetroSkills Traccess is a comprehensive, user-friendly competency intelligence system for supporting the assurance of qualified operations and maintenance (O&M) personnel.

About PetroSkills Traccess

PetroSkills Traccess offers a clear window into team competency helping you track and manage:

  • Dimension

    Catalogs employee knowledge and skills.

  • Status

    Identifies skill status, including complete, incomplete, revised, elapsed, or about to elapse.

  • Time

    Notifies people about required learning tasks.



Organize & Manage Competency-related Processes

The combination of features and capabilities in TRACCESS enables you to clearly organize and manage competency-related processes for improved productivity across job roles.


Can manage their own development through a self-directed, easy-to-navigate interface.

Operations Managers

Can monitor individuals and groups safely and compliantly by relying on clear reports and customizable dashboards to simplify capability assessments.

Human Resources Personnel

Can more easily identify and track employees with specific skill sets, helping ensure roles are properly filled and teams are built with the right skill sets. And executives can use the charts, reporting and dashboards in Traccess to oversee the competence of the entire company.

Key Features

  • Automatic calculation of all regulatory and compliance requalification and recertification calendaring.
  • Rules-based automatic email notification for management and staff.
  • A framework for organizing procedural knowledge and skills acquisition information.
  • Operations-specific level of technical detail related to real job activity.

New Features

  • Customizable views for optional learning.
  • Detailed auto-complete history.
  • Multiple tasks auto-complete a task.
  • Create task and create resources permissions for new SMEs.
  • Add/remove resources within the SME’s scope.
  • More refined searches with new filter types.
  • Select which tasks appear in the qualification summary.
  • Latest snapshot option for custom crystal reports.