E. C. Thomas

DR. ESTES C. THOMAS served Shell Oil Company in various assignments for 32 years and retired as a Petrophysical Engineering Advisor. He formed Bayou Petrophysics in 1999 and currently consults part-time and provides technical training in shaly sand analysis and other areas of Petrophysics, and serves the SPE and SPWLA as a technical editor in various assignments. His professional career interests and publications have spanned many topics including development of revolutionary core analysis methods for handling and measuring the petrophysical properties of unconsolidated sands; pioneering the use of SEM techniques to study the pore structure and pore wall geometry and physical chemistry of shaly sands; empirical verification of the Waxman-Smits model for interpretation of resistivity behavior in homogeneous oil-bearing shaly sands; empirical quantification of the relationship between membrane potential and cation exchange capacity in shaly sands; development of models to interpret wireline logs and predict performance in laminated shaly sands. His most recent research interests involve methods to improve the performance of wireline formation sampling tools. He has received numerous awards and has presented many keynote addresses for the SPE and SPWLA. In 2004 E.C. was presented SPWLA's highest award, the Gold Medal for Technical Achievement. He received a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Stanford University, performed Post Doctorate studies in Physical Chemistry at Princeton University, and received a B.S. in Chemistry from Louisiana State University.