Gerald Guidroz

MR. GERALD GUIDROZ started out as a vibration test engineer for the space shuttle main engines. He then moved into the oil and gas industry on the North Slope on the production side of the business. He worked as a rotating equipment engineer for several years as well as getting involved with projects involving well pads, pipelines, waterflood, and gas injection before moving over to the pipeline side of the business. He was able to transfer some of his vibration experience into solving complex piping and equipment problems. Mr. Guidroz worked with the Trans-Alaska pipeline on pipeline and tank corrosion monitoring and repairs and worked as a construction engineer at the Valdez Marine terminal. He then transferred to the refinery side of the business working for multiple clients as an engineering consultant. He has been involved with major refinery upgrades, multiple turnarounds and greenfield projects. He has acted as owners engineer on projects including a new spill response barge for drilling in the arctic. Mr. Guidroz has been involved with all phases of projects from FEL1/Conceptual Design to Detailed Design on through construction. His areas of expertise are in piping specification and design, welding, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, fired heaters, pumps, compressors, drivers, valves, pipelines, and stress analysis. Mr. Guidroz has a broad knowledge base from over 28 years of experience in the oil and gas business.