James Lea

DR. JAMES F. LEA, JR. is an instructor of industry courses and is involved in industry production and artificial lift related projects. He has received the SPE award for 'Legends of Artificial Lift.' He spent 20 years with Amoco Corporation and was involved in consulting on flowing/lifting wells, testing, and research on lift methods, creating new computer programs for lifted and flowing wells, teaching production schools and monitoring JIPs on pipeline flow, artificial lift, erosion, corrosion, and others. He is on the API and SPE committees for electrical submersible pumps, gas lift, and artificial lift systems, and is a member of the panel for the ESP roundtable. He has been an SPE Distinguished Lecturer two times and has presented and organized numerous conferences for artificial lift. He played a major role in organizing the Denver Gas Well De-Watering forum, which is continuing after multiple successful occurrences. He has authored or co-authored: the book "Deliquification of Gas Wells" (Elesevier), the chapter of the new SPE productions Handbook on Artificial Lift Selection and other book chapters, as well as over 65 technical papers and articles on artificial lift systems. He received the SPE Production Engineering Award in 1996 and was the recipient of the 1990 J. C. Slonneger Award from SWPSC, Lubbock, Texas, given to individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the field of petroleum engineering. He is a Registered PE in Texas, has 9 US patents, and received a BSME and MSME in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Arkansas and a PhD from Southern Methodist University.