John Riggs

MR. JOHN RIGGS is based in England where he served 30 years in the Police Service retiring in 2005 as a Chief Inspector. In the latter part of his career he became the head of training for England and Wales specialising in the training of trainers. Graduating from the University of Hull with a Masters Degree in Education (MEd -Training and Evaluation) he has a passion for the development of Trainers and Instructors. A Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and a qualified coach he has recently been appointed as a Progression Mentor' for the Prince's Trust. He has represented the British High Commission and the British Council training trainers and Instructors in South Africa, Uganda and The Gambia. The skills he learnt during this period of his career have proved invaluable in his role as a Regional Director for Africa and Asia Venture' helping young adults to volunteer in schools and communities abroad. He is currently a governor at a large school in his hometown in Harrogate where he is responsible for school and community communication. During the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics he was delighted to be part of the Games Maker Team' as a team leader in the Olympic Park. In March 2012 he joined the Instructor development team and is excited by his role of coaching and developing staff in their role as PetroSkills Instructors.