Katinka van Cranenburgh

DR. KATINKA C. VAN CRANENBURGH is a founding partner of Community Wisdom Partners (CWP), a consultancy specializing in the creation of mutually beneficial relationships between business and societal actors. For over 16 years, she has contributed to Heineken's social performance policy and program, focusing on developing countries and complex environments. She created the Heineken Africa Foundation, a corporate philanthropic institution, and was responsible for the design and implementation of 45 health-care projects at a value of several million euros. In her last position as global employees' and human rights manager, she contributed to Heineken's global practice in non-technical (or societal) risk management. This included training commercial, human resources, public affairs and business managers, and executives in corporate social responsibility and proactive response to pressures and challenges from the external world.

Katinka's academic background, including her PhD dissertation on how multinational companies and religious institutions manage business ethics, provides a solid theoretical foundation to all the practical work she does. At CWP she focuses on online and in-house training and consultancy coaching of business managers. Katinka is a columnist at The Post Online and is authoring a book with the working title "Between Manager and Human Being." She has a PhD in Management from the Rotterdam School of Management and an International MBA from the HES, University of Amsterdam.