Laura Foulk

MS. LAURA S. FOULK has over 25 years of business, customer service, geologic, interpretation, engineering, management, and sales experience in the oil and gas industry. After holding multiple positions at Schlumberger and Marathon Oil, she created Integrated GeoSolutions, Inc. to provide wellbore image interpretation and processing on image data from all vendors, and has been the company's President since 2001. She specializes in reservoir characterization through integrating dipmeter and image data with core data, petrophysical data, seismic data, production data and engineering data, thus providing a better understanding of reservoir performance and potential. Her teaching experience includes courses in wellbore image theory and applications, and wellbore anisotropy measurements at Colorado School of Mines, Stanford University, and for internal clients. She also taught new hire and continuing education internal seminars for Marathon. She has numerous technical publications and her society affiliations include SPWLA, DWLS, AAPG, RMAG, and SEPM. She received an MS in Geology from Colorado School of Mines and a BSE in Mechanical Engineering, Geology from Duke University.