Michael Burianyk

DR. MICHAEL BURIANYK is currently an independent geophysicist pursuing various projects in the field of geophysical education and training. He has held several highly technical and research positions with a seismic contractor and later with Royal Dutch Shell. He has expertise in seismic Quantitative Interpretation (QI), non-seismic Geophysics; in the development and application of geophysical technology and software; and experience in humanitarian applications of geophysics. He is a skilled and experienced oral and written communicator and has extensive experience in training, mentoring, managing, leadership and organization, intercultural communication and understanding. He is the author of 'Understanding Signals: Basic waveform analysis from a geophysical perspective' published by SEG. He has a PhD in Seismology and Geophysics from the University of Alberta; and an MSc in Geophysics and Geology and a BSc in Physics and Geophysics from the University of Saskatchewan.