Richard (Rick) Gentges

MR. RICHARD J. GENTGES has over 36 years' experience in the design, construction, and operation of underground natural gas storage facilities. His experience includes assignments in operations, technical support, engineering management, and project management. Most recently (2010-2012) he served as Senior Project Manager for Cook Inlet Natural Gas Storage Alaska, LLC, and was responsible for overall construction of the first commercial underground gas storage facility in Alaska. From 1982-2010 he worked for ANR Pipeline Company where he held various technical and managerial positions involving gas storage assets. His technical experience includes performing and analyzing well tests, reservoir performance analysis, reservoir simulation, and overall storage facility optimization. During his career he managed construction projects that involved enhancements to existing gas storage facilities and construction of new gas storage facilities. The scope of construction included the drilling and completion of vertical and horizontal wells, upgrades to gathering systems, new compression, and gas processing equipment. Mr. Gentges is a past Chairman of the Underground Gas Storage Committee of the American Gas Association (1994). He also served as Chairman of the Underground Gas Storage Research Committee for the Pipeline Research Council International (1998-2003), and served on the National Petroleum Council Gas Storage Team (2003-2004). Mr. Gentes holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan (1981).