Robert (Bob) Brune

MR. ROBERT (BOB) BRUNE is a technology-oriented Geophysicist with wide ranging experience in E&P and extensive experience in seismic acquisition. His focus in seismic acquisition has always been on challenging surveys, and the development and use of technology, primarily in operational groups. He has worked at GSI, Amoco, USGS, Sohio/BP, TGS-Nopec, and as a consultant. Bob's responsibilities have been in Exploration, Production, and Technology. His positions have included: Manager, Technical Services and R&D, Exploration Manager, and Manager, Regional Field Development at Sohio/BP; and VP Operations, President-Offshore, and Chief Geophysicist at TGS. Bob's experience in recent years has included the diversity of: marine streamer survey operations and design; airgun array designs; TZ and shallow water operations and design; land survey operations; vibroseis interaction; frac monitoring techniques; rotational seismic for several applications; and a range of environmental / regulatory issues for both land and marine. He has a BS in Geology from the University of Missouri at Rolla, an MS in Geophysics from Stanford University, an MS in Computer Systems from University of Denver, along with extensive training and education in petroleum engineering, chemistry, math, and engineering.