Steve Scott

Steve Scott is a Chemical Engineer by qualification and an Atmospheric Storage Tank and Sludge Processing Specialist by experience. He is a member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and the Energy Institute, and is qualified as an API Certified Tank Inspector (API 653). On leaving full time education, Steve joined ICI, and was involved as a key player in the development of improved operational performance across a broad range of chemical manufacturing plants. In 1985, Steve became a member of the Institute of Petroleum team charged with the production of its 'Tank Cleaning Safety Code,' which has become the definitive document worldwide. In 1992, Steve became Managing Director of Progressive Technical Services specializing in the preparation for inspection of large diameter black oil storage tanks and the subsequent processing of the resultant hydrocarbon waste for oil recovery, recycling and waste minimization.

As a recognized industry expert, Steve decided to offer his services to a wider audience and in 1997, formed Bro Nant International. As an independent, Steve can work for both contractor and industrial major alike and has built up an enviable reputation both in the UK and overseas. Strategic alliances formed with leading oil industry service companies allows Bro Nant International to offer a full turnkey capability from a single managed source. A comprehensive knowledge of the relevant industry standards including BS, EEMUA, and API ensures that all projects are undertaken with a high degree of professional integrity, all participants having been independently audited by Bro Nant International. During the past 20 years, Steve has provided training in Atmospheric Storage Tank Management to literally hundreds of industry professionals worldwide.