Timothy McMahon

DR. TIMOTHY MCMAHON is the founder and Principal Geoscientist with Cutlass Exploration, LLC, a Katy-based prospecting and petroleum consulting firm. He has 21 years' experience in the oil and gas industry. During ten years with ConocoPhillips he worked as an exploration geoscientist or exploration supervisor in Malaysia (offshore Sabah), Norway (Atlantic Margins) and Houston (Deepwater GOM and Global New Ventures Exploration). Previous positions included Burlington Resources Technology Enhancement Team working in GOM, Wyoming, Canada, China, and Ecuador, and as a trainer and consultant with Landmark Graphics. Timothy is a self-motivated geoscientist with strong technical skills and exposure to a wide variety of geologic settings both in the US and internationally. He has extensive experience in basin-scale play analysis, 2D and 3D interpretation and prospecting, integrated geologic mapping and volumetric/risk analysis. Strengths include adaptability, passion for continued learning and a strong work ethic. Timothy received his PhD in Geological Sciences from University of Texas at Austin, his MS in Geology from New Mexico State University, and his BA in Geology from Rutgers University.