Wolfgang Foerg

MR. WOLFGANG FOERG has over 20 years' experience in plant system design, control system design and selection, procurement, engineering management, and installation and commissioning of vendor proprietary equipment. His experience includes assignments as project engineer, rotating equipment specialist, lead engineer for major EPC contractors, as well as experience in construction, module design, commissioning and startup of plants. The types of plants include air separation plants, gas plants, gas storage facilities, power generation, MTBE plants, refinery wastewater treatment facilities, phenol plants, polypropylene plants, crude oil treating facilities and crude oil pipelines, LNG/NGL liquefaction plants, and LNG receiving terminals. Specific equipment experience includes gas turbines, steam turbines, cryogenic expanders, centrifugal compressors, reciprocating compressors, centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps, polymer extruders, refrigeration systems, diesel engines, motors, generators, dryers, chemical injection systems, cooling towers, boilers, and loading arms. Mr. Foerg holds a MS, Mechanical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology and a BS, Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Wyoming, Colorado, Alberta, and Texas and is a CCHEST Safety Trained Supervisor (STS).