Onshore Gas Gathering Systems: Design and Operations - PF-45


About the Course

This course deals with the design, operation, and optimization of onshore gas gathering systems and their associated field facilities, from the wellhead to the central gas processing facility. From a design perspective, the main variables that impact the flexibility and operational characteristics of an onshore gas gathering system will be discussed. Typical operating problems are covered including hydrates, multiphase flow issues, corrosion, declining well deliverability, etc. Exercises will be utilized throughout the course to emphasize the key learning points.

"Instructor was very open to sharing industry experiences and had excellent knowledge of the information. Class discussions on issues others have experienced was helpful for applicability of info." - Process Engineer, United States

"Great course. I liked how it brought reservoir, gas, and plant all together and showed how they interconnect." - Financial Analyst, United States

Target Audience

Production and facilities department engineers/senior operating personnel responsible for the design, operation and optimization of onshore gas gathering systems and their associated field facilities.

You Will Learn

  • The impact of gathering system pressure on gas well deliverability
  • The impact of produced fluids composition on gathering system design and operation
  • How to evaluate field facility and gathering system configurations for different applications
  • To recognize and develop solutions to operating problems with existing gas gathering systems

Course Content

  • Gas well inflow performance and deliverability
  • Overview of gas well deliquification methods for low-rate, low pressure gas wells
  • Effect of gathering system/abandonment pressure on reserves recovery
  • Impact of produced fluids composition
  • Sweet/sour
  • CO2 content
  • Rich/lean
  • Produced water
  • Hydrates and hydrate prevention
  • Dehydration
  • Heating
  • Chemical inhibition
  • Multiphase flow basics
  • Corrosion/materials selection
  • Gathering system layout
  • Wellsite/field facilities options
  • Provisions for future compression


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