Overview of Gas Conditioning and Processing for Facilities Engineers - Virtual, Blended Short Course


About the Course

This short course is from the industry-standard Gas Conditioning and Process course (G-4), known globally as the Campbell Gas Course. Each session will follow the format below:

  • Days 1-2: 2 hours e-Learning modules
  • Day 3: 1.5 hours virtual, instructor-led session; 9:00-10:30 CDT (GMT-5)

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This short course gives a solid understanding of the Natural Gas Value Chain and common terminology in the industry. It discusses the different types of reservoirs and their varying composition. In addition, it will discuss typical contaminants found in produced gas streams, and typical natural gas sales or transportation specifications, including higher heating value and Wobbe number. The products of a typical natural gas processing plant and their associated markets are reviewed.

The primary processing units of gas conditioning and processing are discussed, including NGL extraction. Different NGL extraction recoveries can be achieved depending upon the facilities processing operating objective. For example, hydrocarbon dewpointing of the gas to meet a pipeline tariff specification, or deep NGL recovery to enhance facility profits. Shrinkage is an important consideration for NGL extraction facilities, as it is one of the biggest operating costs. Shrinkage and how it is calculated will also be reviewed.

Target Audience

This course will provide a solid foundation to oil and gas professionals, such as procurement, project managers, construction managers, and operations staff working in the industry to better communicated with their project teams. In addition, this course is an excellent introduction to the industry for new engineers, administrative professionals, regulatory agency professionals, or anyone who wants to understand the natural gas value chain and gas processing at a high level.

You Will Learn

You will learn how to:

  • List the components, including contaminants, found in produced gas streams
  • State typical natural gas sales or transportation specifications
  • Calculate higher heating value and Wobbe number
  • List the products of a typical natural gas processing plant, their associated markets, and describe common terminology
  • Describe typical process flows for each stream in gas processing facilities
  • Explain the difference between gas conditioning to meet an HCDP specification and gas processing to recover NGLs
  • Describe shrinkage and how it is calculated

Course Content

  • Introduction to Gas Processing Facilities
  • NGL Extraction
  • Natural Gas Value Chain

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