Qualitative Phase Behavior and Vapor Liquid Equilibrium


About the Skill Module

This skill module describes the phase or phases that exist at given conditions of pressure and temperature of single and multi-component systems. The skill module also explains the concepts of critical point, cricondentherm, cricondenbar, dense phase, and retrograde condensation. In addition, the module explains how to perform bubble point, dew point, and flash calculations, and describes how to stabilize hydrocarbon liquids using stage separation.

Target Audience

Production and processing personnel involved with natural gas and associated liquids, to acquaint or reacquaint themselves with gas conditioning and processing unit operations. This course is for facilities engineers, process engineers, senior operations personnel, field supervisors, and engineers who select, design, install, evaluate, or operate gas processing plants and related facilities. A broad approach is taken with the topics.

You Will Learn

Participants will learn how to:

  • Describe pure component phase behavior
  • Describe multicomponent phase behavior and phase envelopes
  • Define critical point, cricondentherm, cricondenbar, dense phase, and retrograde condensation
  • Summarize the effect of C6+ characterization on the shape of the phase envelope
  • Recognize the effect of various non-hydrocarbon components on the shape of the phase envelope
  • List examples of fundamental applications of phase envelopes in facilities design and operations
  • Explain the concept of equilibrium vaporization ratio, K
  • List the common methods of estimating K values
  • Describe flash, bubble point, and dew point calculations and list examples of their application
  • Describe the effect of composition on bubble point, dew point, and flash calculations for a hydrocarbon mixture
  • Describe stabilization of hydrocarbon liquids using stage separation
  • Summarize the differences between Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) and True Vapor Pressure (TVP)

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Gas Processing



Product Type:

Individual Skill Module




2.5 hours (approx.)