Reservoir Fluid Displacement Fundamentals


About the Skill Module

This skill module covers the same topics as Reservoir Fluid Displacement Core but goes into greater detail on the topics: Immiscible, linear displacement as dispersed and segregated flow; Aquifers; Coning; Vertical layering

Target Audience

Engineers or geoscientists who will occupy the position of reservoir engineer, and any other technically trained individual who desires a more in-depth foundation in reservoir engineering.

You Will Learn

Participants will learn how to:

  • Calculate the breakthrough time for an oil well using a collection of different methods
  • Explain how rock and fluid properties as well as reservoir geometry affect the breakthrough time
  • Model the flow of two fluids concurrently through the same rock volume
  • Recognize how flow rates and pressure drops vary under two phase flow
  • Calculate recovery factors for reservoirs experiencing two phase flow as a function of time
  • Use correlations to estimate areal and vertical sweep efficiency
  • Calculate water influx into hydrocarbon reservoirs using a variety of aquifer models
  • Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of popular aquifer models

Product Details




Reservoir Engineering



Product Type:

Individual Skill Module




10 hours (approx.)