What's a Geoscientist to do in an Era of Unlimited Oil & No Exploration?

This webinar discusses field development efficiency and finding additional opportunities in existing fields, based on geoscience analysis and models. Significant undiscovered/unrealized resources exist in most fields, but developing these resources is not always economically viable.

"The Perfect Well" - How to Uncover Invisible Lost Time in Drilling Operations by Using Physics-Based Models

This webinar will introduce a patented approach that uses the mechanical specific energy drilling model, sonics logs, and other physical limits of the drilling process to determine - easily and in a matter of minutes - the fastest possible time a particular well could possibly be drilled.

Well Integrity: What Are the Key Aspects for the Life of Well Cycle?

The goal of this seminar is to show and explain to Oil and Gas Operators the importance of the Integrity Process and the variables to be considered throughout the “Life of Well Cycle” as part of the assurance processes in Drilling, Completion, Intervention and Production Operations.

"Clear as Mud?" How to Read a Mud Report, and What Does it Tell Us?

This webinar is designed for anyone who is involved in the drilling process, uses information obtained from a Mud Engineer’s daily report or just wants to learn what information is included on a typical mud report.


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